Nordic Regional Airlines, also known as Norra, is a Finnish airline. The company’s core mission is to provide safe, high-quality regional flight operations for other airlines, agilely, ecologically and cost-effectively. Norra is a preferred partner of Finnair and operates a significant part of Finnair’s domestic and European traffic. The company operates over 50 000 flights yearly.

The punctuality of Nordic Regional Airlines is top notch. During 2014, 99.5 percent of the company’s flights were flown with regularity and 90 percent were punctual- that is within 15 minutes of the notified schedule*.

Our company has been constantly praised for the quality of our customer service. During the first quarter of 2015, our cabin staff received a grade of 8.3. 9.1/10 of our passengers could recommend a flight operated by Norra to the others**. However, we are not satisfied with these figures, and we continuously want to improve our operations. Every moment, every day.

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