Nordic Regional Airlines, also known as Norra, is a Finnish airline. The company’s core mission is to provide safe, high-quality regional flight operations for other airlines, agilely, ecologically and cost-effectively. Norra is a preferred partner of Finnair and operates a significant part of Finnair’s domestic and European traffic. The company operates over 50 000 flights yearly.

Norra offers you a vantage point towards the unique and diverse work environment of the aviation industry. We employ around 650 professionals, from flight personnel to financial management, engineers to crew planners.

We work among great colleagues, in a youthful company. The humming work environment provides constant challenges and opportunities for professional development, and the close co-operation between different departments creates an excellent framework to achieve multi-tasking abilities in aviation.

How does that sound, would you like you to be involved in contributing to the success story of the Finnish aviation sector?