Flybe Finland becomes Nordic Regional Airlines, also known as NORRA


From Tuesday 16.6.2015 onwards, Flybe Finland will be known as Nordic Regional Airlines, or NORRA. Along with the change in name, the appearance of the company will also be renewed.

The change in the name and brand came to the fore when the British parent company, Flybe Plc, announced during November last year that they were to loosen the operations of Flybe Finland and place 60 percent of their ownership shares up for sale. A deal was sealed on March 31, whereby the ownership of the company was transferred temporarily to Finnair.

”Our new name, Nordic Regional Airlines, perfectly describes our company’s core business, i.e. regional flying. The northern dimension to the name emphasizes the most important tasks of Norra’s employees – the safe, high-standard and quality production of flight operations for other airline companies, in an agile, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. The northern dimension will be presented wonderfully in the commonly used name NORRA, which is a shortening of the company’s official name”, says the company’s managing director, Maunu Visuri.

The northern aspect has also inspired the company in creating a new appearance. We wanted to make a young, modern, fresh and approachable brand for Norra – a brand that was, itself, similar to the company’s employees.

”Our brand is not commercial from a consumer point of view, as we produce flight operations for other airlines. However, for us, it is very important that we are able to present the people behind all the hard work. The Norra identity is, therefore, built upon the stories of the company’s own employees, which is strongly highlighted through images in the brand-appearance. The image stories are, naturally, from around the world, so the degree symbol chosen for Norra was also present in the logo”, Visuri continues.

The company’s new look has been designed in conjunction with the Sek & Grey design team and Finnair, and implemented within the company. The new identity may be viewed on Norra’s website at The renewal of the brand appearance will be implemented gradually during 2015, which is why, among other things, the new livery of the company’s ATR-fleet will only be released during the autumn. The implementation of the new brand can be followed via the company website and social media.

Additional information: NORRA Media Desk, +358 40 450 9490, [email protected]


Nordic Regional Airlines, also known as NORRA, (previously Flybe Finland) is a Finnish airline company. The company’s core mission is to provide safe, high-quality regional flight operations for other airlines, in an agile, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. NORRA is a preferred partner of Finnair and operates a significant part of Finnair’s European and domestic traffic. Annually, the company operates over 50 000 flights.

The company’s headquarters and operations centre are located in Helsinki-Vantaa and financial administration in Seinäjoki. The airline is a major employer in Finland’s aviation sector, employing about 670 people in Finland. The company is owned by Finnair.

British Flybe Plc announced in November 2014 that they were to divest Flybe Finland from the ownership of the parent company Flybe Nordic and place 60 percent of its ownership up for sale. Finnair, who owned 40 percent of the company, signed a letter of intent at the beginning of January 2015 with Finnish companies StaffPoint Holding Oy and Oy GW Sohlberg Ab, whereby Flybe Plc’s share of Flybe Nordic’s share capital would be transferred to Staffpoint and GWS. On 31 March, Flybe Nordic was temporarily transferred to the ownership of Finnair. Negotiations between Finnair, StaffPoint and G.W. Sohlberg, concerning the final ownership, are still ongoing.